It is about the XiRang project, in which the IT giant is creating a global infrastructure for the metaverse

​Media: Baidu's metaverse will take six years to develop

27.12.2021 - 09:25


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What’s new? According to the CNBC reports, it may take up to six years for the Chinese tech company Baidu to fully launch its XiRang metaverse project. The media stressed that the current level of infrastructure development is far from ideal.

News on the CNBC website

What is known about Baidu's metaverse? The project, called XiRang, is currently in the initial stage of development. The open source platform can host up to 100 000 users at a time, but so far there have been glitches with the uploading of avatars and virtual spaces.

According to Baidu vice president Ma Jie, the Chinese metaverse has no plans to use cryptocurrencies or speculative assets in the form of virtual real estate. At that, the platform will be based on a technology “similar to blockchain.”


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