The investments in the construction of a new farm led to the restart of the halted enterprise

​Mining helped restart a hydro power plant in Costa Rica

13.01.2022 - 07:15


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What’s new? Reuters reports that the launch of cryptocurrency mining at a small hydroelectric power plant in Costa Rica has enabled it to restart operations and generated revenue after several months of downtime.

News source on the Reuters website

How was the new farm created? According to Eduardo Cooper, the HPP owner, the idea to start a cryptocurrency mining farm came to him after the government stopped buying electricity at previous volumes due to the pandemic. After nine months of downtime, Cooper decided to divert the surplus of produced electricity to the mining.

As a result, the new data center placed 650 miners and the total investment in the project exceeded $500 000. Cooper's company now serves about 150 customers, most of whom are local entrepreneurs.


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