After selling all 8 888 tokens in the form of the cartoon ice cream, the scammers disappeared

NFT Frosties creators stole $1,3 million from investors

12.01.2022 - 09:10


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What’s new? The creators of an NFT collection called Frosties disappeared after the investors invested $1,3 million in the project. The anonymous developers of the non-fungible tokens deleted the project's Discord and Twitter after all 8 888 NFTs were bought through OpenSea on January 9, Blockworks reports.

The Blockworks material

What did the Frosties developers promise to customers? The collectors were promised the various perks when buying NFT: staking, metaverse and breeding functions. The developers also talked about the free giveaways of the new tokens, airdrops, early access to the future gameplay, and other bonuses. There are a total of 1452 deceived customers.

How do the deceived investors comment on the situation? Marcellus King, the Frosties collector who lost $3000, said that it was his first attempt into digital items collectibles. Many other investors were new too, they were misled by the developers' promises, a good-looking website, and an active community.

What will happen to the project? At the moment, all the deceived buyers have created a new Discord channel, in which they discuss the possibilities of the further project’s development. Many of the users are optimistic about the future of the tokens. One of the Frosties holders said:

“The situation was unfortunate, but if there is a chance that the project is revived, I am all for it.”


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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