Car manufacturers have created digital galleries and workspaces in virtual reality

​Nissan and Toyota started using metaverses

25.04.2022 - 11:15


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What’s new? Japanese car manufacturers Nissan Motor and Toyota Motor have begun to harness the power of the metaverse. Nissan launched a virtual reality digital version of the Nissan Crossing gallery, which is located in the prestigious Ginza district of Tokyo. Toyota has used the opportunities of the metaverse to create a digital workspace for some departments and subsidiaries. This is reported by Nikkei Asia.

Nikkei Asia’s material

More details about Nissan’s initiative. The company has chosen a platform of US startup VRChat for its digital gallery. Visitors to Nissan Crossing’s virtual venue will be able to see the new Nissan Ariya electric vehicle. Car launches and other events are planned to be held in the showroom in the future.

More details about Toyota’s initiative. In Toyota’s remote workspace, employees will be able to interact with each other using avatars. The platform is currently used by the parent company’s technical development and human resources departments. According to the company’s representative, the workspace venue is being opened because of the problems caused by the coronavirus.

What had happened before? In April, South Korean automaker Hyundai entered into a partnership agreement with the Meta Kongz project to create a limited edition collection of 30 NFTs.

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