It is designed to simplify the process of transferring fiat funds into and out of digital assets

​Nuvei payment company partners with Visa to launch a crypto card

14.12.2021 - 12:20


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What’s new? The Nuvei Corporation has partnered with Visa to launch cryptocurrency debit cards for its partners in the European Economic Area and the UK. The company explained that the cooperation with Visa will ensure secure transfers and high transaction speeds.

What is the advantage of the cards? Through Nuvei's Simplex Banking system, the cards simplify the process of transferring fiat funds into and out of cryptocurrencies, creating a unified way to use and spend funds. In spring 2022, the company’s representatives plan to expand the list of supported digital assets to 40.

What does the Nuvei representative say? Nuvei’s CEO of Simplex, Nimrod Lehavi, said Visa's branded cards are specifically designed for the cryptocurrency space and comply with global compliance standards.

“Thanks to Visa, we have created a straightforward and simple program that is tailored to the crypto industry in terms of compliance, risk, time-to-market, and costs.”


Tatiana Darda Tatiana Darda

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