According to one of the experts, if the error had not been detected, it could have potentially been used to steal assets

OpenSea pays $200 000 reward to two white hat hackers

28.09.2022 - 13:25


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What’s new? NFT marketplace OpenSea has paid a reward of $200 000 to two white hat hackers who discovered separate critical vulnerabilities in the last ten days. They each received $100 000. This was revealed in an interview with The Block by the ethical hackers themselves, security expert and marketing director of blockchain audit firm Zellic Corben Leo and an anonymous white hat hacker nicknamed Nix.

Information on The Block website

How did events develop? According to Leo, he was rewarded for identifying a critical vulnerability in OpenSea through the HackerOne platform. He noted that had the critical bug not been discovered, it could have potentially been exploited by attackers to steal assets. The vulnerability affected the marketplace's Web services and could have allowed the OpenSea infrastructure to be compromised.

An anonymous white hat hacker, Nix, also received a reward for reporting another critical vulnerability on September 19. He provided no other additional details, explaining that the vulnerability report and any details surrounding it are confidential.

An OpenSea spokesperson confirmed this information to The Block, noting that appropriate patches have been issued for the vulnerabilities. The company is satisfied that the HackerOne platform is working as planned.

In June, the Aurora Labs team received two reports that contained information about critical vulnerabilities. The company paid the authors of those reports $1 million each in AURORA tokens.

In May, the developers of the Wormhole cross-chain protocol paid $10 million to a white hat hacker for finding a critical vulnerability that could have been used by attackers to block all user assets.

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