According to Robert Breedlove, the first cryptocurrency will reach such growth by 2031

Parallax Digital CEO predicts the growth of bitcoin to $12,5 million

01.10.2022 - 09:00


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What’s new? Robert Breedlove, CEO and founder of crypto investment firm Parallax Digital, said that by 2031 the bitcoin rate could reach $12,5 million. During an interview with Altcoin Daily, he noted that a key factor for such a jump would be the deterioration of the US dollar. According to Breedlove, hyperinflation will virtually devalue the dollar by 2035.

Altcoin Daily’s interview

What else did the CEO of Parallax add? As Breedlove notes, the catch is that in 2031, $12,5 million will be the equivalent of today’s $1 million.

As of October 1, 09:50 UTC, BTC is trading at $19 334 per day, having lost 0,99%, according to crypto exchange Binance.

In January, analysts at investment firm ARK Invest predicted that by 2030 bitcoin will be trading at $1,36 million, while the asset’s market capitalization will reach $28,5 trillion. Analysts note that the market value of BTC and other cryptocurrencies will grow in parallel with the capitalization of the US stock exchanges.

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