"Green" energy will be used to mine cryptocurrencies

​Powerbridge Technologies starts Bitcoin and Ethereum mining in Hong Kong

09.10.2021 - 07:45


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What's new? Powercrypto Holdings begins mining bitcoin and Ethereum in Hong Kong. Environmentally friendly energy will be used for mining. Powercrypto will deploy 2,600 production mines in Hong Kong. Among them, there are 600 BTC mining machines with a hashrate of about 60 PH/s and 2,000 ETH mining machines with a hashrate of about 1,000 GH/s.

Company press release

What do CEOs say? Sean Wang, Powercrypto's General Manager and Chief Technology Officer, stated that:

“Powercrypto is a major strategic move by the Company to highlight our global presence in the crypto-mining business. We will focus on enhancing our overall hashrate level in BTC and ETH mining by setting up mining fleets in North America and Asia.”

Powerbridge Technologies President Stewart Lor, commented:

“We are very excited about our launch and positioning as a global presence in the cryptocurrency mining business. We expect our high-performance environmental-friendly crypto-mining fleets to significantly accelerate our revenue.”

What is known about the company? Powerbridge Technologies Co. is a technology company that deals with SaaS solutions and Blockchain applications. Powerbridge SaaS integrates AI, big data, and IoT offering SaaS platforms for cross-border e-commerce, supply chain, data intelligence, and IoT applications and devices. Powerbridge Blockchain consists of BTC and ETC mining and digital assets, IPFS distributed network services, and industry-specific Blockchain applications.

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