In total, the director plans to implement seven non-fungible author tokens

​Quentin Tarantino will release his own NFT collection

03.11.2021 - 07:55


1 min

What's new? As it turned out from the Tarantino NFTs’s Twitter account, the famous director plans to release a collection of seven unique tokens based on the cult movie “Pulp Fiction”. The collection itself will appear on the OpenSea marketplace; the exact dates of sales launching are still unknown.

What is known about NFT? Each token contains the author's content such as a scene from the film and secret materials, which may include fragments of the picture’s manuscript or the director's own voice comments.

The project was implemented jointly with SCRT Labs, which is responsible for the technical side of NFT development. The tokens feature a system that allows content creators to hide certain collection elements for the general public.

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