The launch date of the product is still unknown, beta testing has been going on since April

​Ripple introduces Crossmark web wallet based on the XRP Ledger blockchain

30.06.2023 - 13:10


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What’s new? The developers of the Ripple payment protocol introduced the Crossmark web wallet for holders of native tokens XRP. The product, based on the XRP Ledger blockchain, will offer a simplified way to confirm transactions and switch between networks. Its functionality is similar to the MetaMask wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. Crossmark’s launch date is not yet known, beta testing with several application developers in the XRP Ledger ecosystem has been underway since mid-April.

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What else is known? The wallet was created by Crossmark in conjunction with RippleX, the development arm of the Ripple fintech company. It integrates features similar to MetaMask, which are specifically tailored for XRP Ledger. Through the use of web browser extensions, the wallet will make it easier to manage transactions, move between networks and access various features and services, and interact with decentralized applications (DApps).

Ripple launches a platform for issuing national cryptocurrencies

Ripple launches a platform for issuing national cryptocurrencies

The interoperable platform allows one to issue retail and wholesale CBDCs, connect them to payment services and link them together

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According to the RippleX team, new XRP Ledger-based projects are waiting for a browser-oriented wallet. As more developers and users move away from the Ethereum ecosystem, that demand will only grow, the developers say.

Just as MetaMask has impacted the Ethereum ecosystem, Crossmark aims to bridge the gap between dApps and users of the XRP ecosystem. The goal of the integration is to provide developers with a powerful tool to incorporate XRP Ledger features into web applications, increasing the diversity of the developer solution ecosystem.

Ledger will launch the criticized private key recovery feature by the end of 2023

Ledger will launch the criticized private key recovery feature by the end of 2023

The company’s CTO Charles Guillemet published White Paper updates and also revealed plans for the near future

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Crossmark also prioritizes user security by implementing an encrypted key mechanism. This ensures that sensitive data is securely stored locally on the user’s computer.

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