At the same time, the messenger will share revenues with channel authors 50/50

Telegram will start using the TON blockchain to pay for advertising. The native token’s rate rises by 25%

28.02.2024 - 14:15


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What’s new? Telegram founder Pavel Durov has announced that channel authors will start receiving payments for advertising. Thus, in March, the advertising platform of the messenger will officially launch in almost one hundred new countries, and channel owners in these countries will be able to receive 50% of Telegram’s income from advertisers. At the same time, only the TON blockchain will be used to pay for advertising and withdraw funds. On the back of this news, the native token TON momentarily jumped by 32% to $2,84.

Post in Durov’s channel

What else is known? According to Durov, Telegram channels generate 1 trillion views every month, but currently, only 10% of those views are monetized using the messenger’s internal confidential banner ad tool.

He added that the TON blockchain was chosen to pay for ads and withdraw revenue because of its speed and security. “We will sell ads and share revenue with channel owners in Toncoin. This will create a virtuous circle, in which content creators will be able to either cash out their Toncoins — or reinvest them in promoting and upgrading their channels,” the businessman concluded.

Earlier, Animoca Brands announced its support of the TON Play project to create games for Telegram, and became the largest TON validator.

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Late last year, TON set a record among blockchains and payment systems for the number of transactions per second (TPS) with 108 409. But later it faced congestion as a result of the launch of the TON20 standard, similar to the Ordinals protocol for creating bitcoin NFTs. The team noted a drop in throughput due to the inefficient hardware of some validators.

In October, the Telegram team launched the Fragment marketplace, where TON can be used to buy a username or an anonymous phone number.

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