The minimum cost of the collection token was 137,8 ETH

​The price of the cheapest NFT in the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection has risen to $385 700

25.04.2022 - 14:15


2 min

What’s new? On April 25, the lowest price of a token from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection reached a record high of 137,8 ETH ($385 700 at the exchange rate on April 25). This came after the collection’s creator, Yuga Labs, state the imminent launch of the metaverse. The company reported on Twitter that the launch is scheduled for April 30.


What will be used in the metaverse? The project is expected to support NFT from several popular collections besides BAYC, including spin-offs Mutant Apes, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and World Of Women. Among them, Bored Ape is the most expensive NFT collection by total market value at ETH 1,3 million ($3,7 billion).

Interest in the collection, as well as its native token ApeCoin (APE), has surged over the week in anticipation of the launch of Yuga Labs’ metaverse, Otherside. Over the past seven days, the token’s price has risen 49,4% to $17,42, according to CoinGecko.

What had happened before? In March, Yuga Labs stated that it plans to raise $455 million through the sale of virtual plots of land in the future metaverse.

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