The extradition order against Denis Dubnikov related to the cryptocurrency stolen in 2018, some of which passed through his exchange wallets

​The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the detention of the co-founder of the exchange services Coyote Crypto and EggChange

06.11.2021 - 09:15


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What's new? Denis Dubnikov, the co-founder of the EggChange and Coyote Crypto cryptocurrency exchange group, was detained in Amsterdam on November 1 at the request of the US authorities. This was announced by Indefibank CEO Sergey Mendeleev on his Facebook account.

Sergey Mendeleev's Facebook post

How did the events develop? Dubnikov was previously placed in isolation at the Mexico City airport. Then he was taken by plane to the Netherlands, where he was detained at the request of the US FBI. Sergey Mendeleev wrote on Facebook that EggChange is accused of money laundering in the USA and Europe. And the extradition order against its co-founder related to cryptocurrency stolen in 2018, some of which passed through Dubnikov's exchange wallets.

What does the MID’s representative say? Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed the detention of Denis Dubnikov:

“Russian diplomats in the Netherlands provide assistance to a detained Russian citizen, and are in contact with local law enforcement authorities on the issue of respect for his rights”.

Several sources have confirmed the investigation into the EggChange exchange service in the United States and Europe on money laundering charges. But the US Department of the Treasury refused to confirm the investigation.


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