The price of the asset plummeted to almost zero in just a few minutes

​The token creators based on the TV series “Squid Game” are accused of skam

02.11.2021 - 09:20


1 min

What's new? According to Gizmodo, users might have faced a major scam. This refers to the Squid token, based on the famous South Korean TV series “Squid Game”.

News source on the Gizmodo website

What is known about a possible scam? In just a few minutes, the token price plummeted from $2850 to $0,005. At the same time, the project's Twitter account and website are currently unavailable. Users believe that the creators made an exit scam and withdrew funds in the amount of $3,38 million. In total, there are more than 41 000 victims of these actions.

As we mentioned just a few days ago, altcoin trading was at a high level and reached $5,8 million per day. At the same time, CoinMarketCap was warning that at some point the Squid holders faced the inability to sell cryptocurrency.

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