The cybersecurity experts counted about 50 cryptocurrency exchanges in the business center

​The US again has called “Moscow City” a hub for illegal cryptocurrency activity

07.12.2021 - 10:30


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What’s new? The Recorded Future company specializing in cybersecurity reported that Moscow City has become a hub through which illegal digital asset transactions are being conducted. This was reported by The New York Times.

Information on The New York Times website

What was the reason for the allegations? The company counted around 50 cryptocurrency exchanges in the business center, which it estimates are involved in illegal activities. Other exchanges in the area are not suspected of accepting the digital assets linked to crime. Recorded Future did not reveal the names of the sites that have come to the attention of cybersecurity experts.

What does the expert say? Dmitry Smilyanets, an expert at Recorded Future, believes that the cryptocurrency exchanges choose a business center to expand their customer base. Prestige and reputation help in this:

“They can post on Instagram with beautiful sights and beautiful skyscrapers. It boosts their credibility.”

What had happened before? As was mentioned in November, according to the Bloomberg sources, “Moscow City” is home to “grey” cryptocurrency exchanges such as Suex, EggChange,, and CashBank. According to the sources, they were involved in money laundering obtained through digital extortion.

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