This is the largest purchase in the history of the development of NFT games

​The virtual land in the Axis Infinity blockchain game sold for 550 ETH

26.11.2021 - 08:35


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What’s new? The official Twitter account of the Axie Infinity blockchain game has published news about the sale of a virtual land plot for a record amount of 550 ETH (about $2,4 million at the exchange rate of November 26, 2021).

What else is known about the deal? The purchase was made by a user with the nickname Lunacian #789512 and the seller was ArcaChemist. The virtual plot is located in the central part of the map and is classified as “extremely rare” and therefore valuable lands. As the game's representatives point out, the amount of the deal has become a record in the history of the sector's development.

Previously, was mentioned the increased interest from investors in the NFT and blockchain game sector. Thus, Avocado Guild, an operator of the blockchain gaming guild, raised $18 million for further development and promotion. Special attention will be paid to the metaverses trend and the purchase of NFT and lands in virtual worlds.


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