18% of Emirati residents stated they plan to invest in digital assets

​Toluna: 33% of UAE citizens have invested in crypto

08.04.2022 - 11:30


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What’s new? 33% of UAE residents stated they have invested in cryptocurrencies. According to a study by Toluna, 18% of respondents plan to invest in digital assets, The National reports. The study involved 500 people living in the UAE and 9000 people from around the world aged 18 to 64.

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More details about the survey. The study found that Emirati residents are willing to invest 26% of their investment assets in cryptocurrencies, compared to 20% globally. Sakina Mannan, Toluna’s senior account director for the Middle East and Africa region, stated:

“As per the study indications and the strategic business outlook in the country, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing growing interest towards cryptocurrencies in the UAE.”

What had happened before? The Emirati government equated NFTs with cryptocurrency. All licensed companies will be able to trade and store non-fungible tokens under the rules for digital assets. Dubai also created a new regulatory authority, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA)

In March, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange received a license to operate in Dubai and Bahrain, and along with it, the FTX exchange was granted permission to operate.


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