The users can now send donations in two cryptocurrencies at once, ETH and BTC

​Twitter added the ability to pay tips in Ethereum

17.02.2022 - 08:40


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What’s new? The popular social network Twitter now allows users to send tips to other users in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Previously, this functionality was only available for Bitcoin. This is reported by the CoinDesk portal, citing a statement from Twitter’s management.

News source on the CoinDesk website

“You can tip to show support, show appreciation, help out or reward anyone you want – from emerging creators and journalists to Twitter Spaces hosts and more.”

What is known about the service? Cryptocurrency rewards became available to users of the social network back in September 2021, when Bitcoin was added to the service. With the launch of Ethereum, the service may become even more popular.

The service will likely use Ethereum sidechains to avoid high fees on the network. The details on technical aspects are not yet available. As for connecting the service, it is done in a couple of clicks in the personal accounts and Twitter account settings.


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