The user bought all the assets during the initial coin offering

Unknown investor transfers 145 000 ETH to several wallets in August

15.08.2022 - 10:30


1 min

What’s new? On August 14, activity was recorded on the wallet of a large unknown Ethereum investor after a three-year hiatus. According to Etherscan, he transferred a total of 145 000 ETH (~$276 million at the Binance rate as of August 15, 10:50 UTC) to several wallets. He sent 5000 ETH each to 8 addresses, 4 wallets received 20 000 coins each, and two more addresses received 15 000 and 10 000.

Data on the Etherscan website

What else is known about the investor’s wallet? Based on data from Etherscan, a user who bought 150 000 ETH during the initial public offering (ICO) transferred 5000 coins to the exchange in 2019. The remaining 145 000 ETH remained unmoved for five years. Currently, only 0,1 ETH worth $204 remained in the investor’s wallet.

In July, an unknown investor bought 131 882 bitcoins worth $3 billion. He made the main purchases in three transactions of 15 499 BTC, 45 499 BTC, and 71 879 BTC. According to BitInfoCharts’ ranking of the largest wallet owners, the investor ranked 3rd. His wallet holds 0,7% of all bitcoins in circulation.

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