The FBI, CISA, and the US Treasury Department issued a cybersecurity advisory

​US authorities have warned of the threat of hacker attacks on crypto companies

19.04.2022 - 10:35


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What’s new? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the US Treasury Department issued a joint cybersecurity advisory about the threats of DPRK-sponsored hackers and targeting cryptocurrency theft. The document contains a number of cybersecurity recommendations, such as using multifactor authentication, limiting access to location data, and connecting only to secure hosts.

Cybersecurity Advisory

What else do the agencies warn about? The document refers to hacker groups such as Lazarus Group, APT38, BlueNorOff, and Stardust Chollima. The agencies note that the attackers are targeting the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, including exchanges, DeFi protocols, and play-to-earn games. The hackers’ methods include social engineering, encouraging victims to download malware and applications. The attackers then expect to gain access to the victim’s computer, steal private keys or exploit other security vulnerabilities.

What had happened before? On April 15, DeFiance Capital founder Arthur Cheong warned of threats to the crypto industry from the DPRK hackers. Cheong said that the cybercriminals’ main tool will be phishing. The US Treasury Department added to the sanctions list a wallet containing 148 000 ETH from the Ronin Network hack. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) linked the sidechain attack to the Lazarus hacker group from North Korea.

MetaMask developers warned of possible phishing attacks on Apple iCloud. To prevent attackers from gaining access to the service using phishing, the developers of the wallet advised disabling iCloud backup for MetaMask in the device settings.

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