The program aims to ensure economic stability in the country

​Venezuela has offered to give scholarships to citizens studying cryptocurrencies

22.11.2021 - 09:30


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What’s new? A Venezuelan gubernatorial candidate José Alejandro Terán has offered to give scholarships to citizens who want to study mining, virtual assets and NFT at the Centro de Formación Tecnica. This is stated on the politician's Instagram.

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Why did the official make such an offer? As Terán explained, the initiative was created as part of the implementation of La Guaira Digital, which aims to ensure economic stability in Venezuela. According to the politician, the payment of scholarships will encourage the country's citizens to explore the cryptocurrency industry.

Terán's idea has already been supported by the National Office for Crypto Assets and Related Operations of Venezuela, the Axie Infinity Academy, the Independientes con Terán political group, and members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the country’s ruling party.


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