VK NFT will also implement the BNB Smart Chain in the near future

​VKontakte NFT service adds support for the TON blockchain

07.02.2023 - 08:55


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What’s new? VK NFT, a service of VKontakte for transferring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the social network, has begun working with the TON blockchain, TASS reports citing the company’s press service. The platform already supports Ethereum and Polygon networks, and will soon implement BNB Smart Chain. With VK NFT, users of the social network can put NFTs issued on different blockchains on their avatars or place them in a showcase in their profiles.

Material by TASS

TON is a decentralized computer network developed in 2017 by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, they raised several billion dollars in the project. On June 28, the last TON was mined before the blockchain switched to the PoS algorithm, and the number of new coins coming into circulation dropped by about 75%. As of February 7, the asset ranks 24th in the cryptocurrency ranking with a capitalization of $3,4 billion and is trading at $2,31. In 2023, the blockchain team will freeze inactive addresses of early miners that hold about 1 billion coins.

More details about VK NFT. The social network announced the integration of NFTs as a tool to monetize user-generated content and protect copyrights in February 2022. In May, the company announced plans to launch its own NFT marketplace and create a metaverse.

In August, VKontakte began a large-scale step-by-step upgrade of the interface of its mobile application. It should become the basis for the integration of new functions, including those related to NFTs and Web 3.0. The VK NFT service was launched in December.

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