The organization is headed by a Paradigm researcher under the nickname samczsun

White hat hackers have created an NPO to fight crypto crime

15.02.2024 - 09:12


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What’s new? The Security Alliance NPO was created in the United States. It aims to unite white hackers to fight crime in the crypto market. The organization is led by a Paradigm researcher under the nickname samczsun. The Security Alliance has launched a hotline that provides the ability to quickly respond to incidents, identify vulnerabilities, and address other security-related issues. The platform also provides legal protection and offers free simulated cyber attacks to developers to identify vulnerabilities and prepare effective defense measures.


What else is known? According to samczsun, the decision to create the Security Alliance was made after the Nomad protocol was hacked in 2022. Back then, members of the security community were unable to help due to the regulatory environment.


Security Alliance has more than 50 sponsors and partners, including a16z, Paradigm, Ethereum blockchain founder Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation, Filecoin Foundation, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Framework, and Electric Capital.

Crypto hackers stole $182,5 million in 30 attacks in a month

Crypto hackers stole $182,5 million in 30 attacks in a month

Compared to last January, the amount of damage increased by 771%

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Earlier this month, gaming blockchain platform PlayDapp suffered a hack that resulted in the loss of $290 million worth of PLA tokens. According to Elliptic experts, the exploit was the result of a compromised private key.

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