Earlier, the project’s activities were suspended in Spain

Worldcoin will stop scanning users in Portugal as decided by authorities

26.03.2024 - 15:55


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What’s new? Portugal’s data protection authority CNPD has ordered developer Worldcoin to suspend the collection of citizens’ sensitive data in the country for 90 days. Worldcoin encourages users to authenticate themselves through retinal scans with Orb devices in exchange for a digital World ID and free issuance of native tokens WLD. More than 4,5 million people in 120 countries have already registered, according to the official website.

Material by Reuters

What else is known? CNPD officials said the urgent intervention was necessary to prevent serious damage due to the threat of a breach of citizens’ data protection rights. More than 300 000 people in the country have verified Worldcoin by providing biometric data.

Officials said they have received dozens of complaints against Worldcoin over the past month for unauthorized collection of minors’ data, failure to delete sensitive data, and lack of information about how it will be managed.

In response, the Worldcoin Foundation NPO assured that the project fully complies with all laws and regulations governing the collection and transfer of biometric data.

Earlier this month, Spain’s regulator ordered the suspension of Worldcoin’s activities. Officials also referred to the fact that the project collected biometric data of minors.

Earlier, the project was challenged by regulators in the UK, Germany, and France over the collection of biometric data and potential violations of laws on their protection. The Kenyan Parliament recommended in October last year to stop Worldcoin’s operation in the country, and in January the Hong Kong authorities started an investigation.

Since then, the Worldcoin team has unlocked the software code of Orb devices, and implemented a new system of data processing, completely abandoning data storage. Users from their devices will be able to dispose of sensitive information, and delete it if they wish

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