The project aims to provide herders' camps with Internet access and create special courses for reindeer herders

Yakutia offers to support reindeer herders with NFT collection

08.09.2022 - 13:40


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What’s new? Yakutia has presented the Digital Reindeer Herder project at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). The project aims to provide herders' camps with access to the Internet, create special courses for reindeer herders, and help those who have been trained to find a job. The developers in a collaboration with a 3D-sculptor Nyurgun Ogotoev have created an NFT collection, which consists of 8 reindeer.

Information on the website

What is the idea behind the project? Margarita Popova, the head of the Kyndykan creative association, noted that the project would give reindeer herders an additional opportunity to earn money. The press release says that each NFT avatar has a real reindeer from the herd. The owner will be able to monitor the animal in real time through a GPS tracker, as well as give it presents. In addition, futures contracts for the purchase of reindeer antlers are available to buyers. According to the authors, the initiative will help stop the exodus of young people and promote the culture of the North.

Earlier BitRiver, an operator of mining centers, announced the construction of a data center in the Mirninsky district of Yakutia. The aim of the project is energy-intensive and blockchain computing.

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