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Have you ever thought how much easier your life would be if you could pay your bills with crypto? How about not just bills, but rent, travel, holidays, and a whole host of other payments too? No more messing about sending your crypto to an exchange to convert it into your local currency and then withdrawing it to your bank - if your bank even lets you. How much better would it be to get those payments made straight from your crypto holdings?

Metamouse lets you do exactly this - and much more.

Metamouse allows you to make virtually any kind of payment in crypto without ever having to convert it, or even send it to an exchange. Instead, you send the crypto to Metamouse along with the details of the bill and Metamouse pays the bill for you - it really is as simple as that. Metamouse can even arrange bank transfers along the same principle in case you need to have some cash to hand. Metamouse services are available for anyone to use, but will be particularly useful to those working in the crypto sector and who receive their payments in digital assets.

Let’s look at a real world example of how Metamouse works.

Stefan is a graphic designer who works for blockchain companies and often gets paid in cryptocurrency. In order to pay his bills, Stefan has to send the cryptocurrency to an exchange, swap it for euros, then withdraw the euros to his bank account. He then uses these funds to pay his bills.

Not only is this process time consuming, Stefan also runs the risk of his preferred exchange halting cash withdrawals without notice, while he has also had to change banks in the past because his prior bank started blocking withdrawals from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Stefan is fed up with both the multi-step process of getting his crypto payments into the bank to pay his bills and the worry that at any moment he may have to find a different exchange or a different bank. Not to mention the multiple fees taken off at each stage of the procedure.

Enter Metamouse.

Metamouse allows Stefan to pay his rent and all his bills in the same cryptocurrency he gets paid in without having to involve banks or exchanges - he simply enters the details of the bill into the Metamouse platform, sends that amount of cryptocurrency over and Metamouse pays the bill, typically within one business day. The whole thing is done in a matter of minutes.

And that isn’t all that Metamouse does. Stefan can use Metamouse to book an airline ticket and a hotel if he wants a break, and can also top up his bank account with cash to spend while there. He can also pay his holiday insurance through Metamouse if he wants to!

Metamouse has big plans for the future, including supporting more fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, payment of online purchases, and payment for goods and services where a bank card is required.

For more information on how Metamouse can help you pay your bills, and more, with crypto, head over to the Metamouse website. To keep up to date with Metamouse’s latest news and platform updates follow the project team on Twitter or chat to the Metamouse team on Discord.

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