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Comfort and convenience. How to earn on the EXMO exchange



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EXMO exchange conducted a major rebranding. A course was taken towards a simple attractive interface and even greater accessibility of cryptocurrency trading for any user, from a beginner to a professional. Being the largest exchange in Eastern Europe and one of the most popular crypto platforms among the Russian-speaking community, EXMO sets pro-activity, quality and customer focus as its main values.

EMXO was founded in 2014, and quickly gained popularity among Russian-speaking cryptocurrency users. At the same time, the exchange feels confident in the global market. EXMO has offices in the UK, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and the US, and the trading platform is available in 12 languages. After the verification procedure, you can deposit funds to your account via dozens of payment methods, including bank cards, currency transfers and the most popular payment systems.

The exchange has more than two million users, and the average daily trading volume is more than $200 million. EXMO offers both standard for the trading platform services, and additional opportunities for making money. Exchange services can be used for quick purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as for earning on trading.

Trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies

EXMO allows you to exchange any of the available cryptocurrencies in one click. Verified users can buy them with fiat currencies using VISA and Mastercard cards. A multicurrency wallet can be used to store assets.

More than 200 currency pairs are available for trading, and fees vary depending on the status of the trader. After passing the verification procedure, users get access to trading with leverage to maximize profits.

The exchange's blog has a lot of easy-to-understand articles and videos, helping users learn the intricacies of trading at the exchange, the basics of technical analysis and the choice of trading strategy.

To maintain the account security, all relevant measures are available, including IP binding and two-factor authentication.

Why EXMO Coin is useful

EXMO Coin (EXM) is the exchange's own token which provides a number of benefits. First of all, you can use EXM tokens to pay for your subscription to the cashback service for exchange trading fees, thus saving up to 50% on them. The tokens received by the exchange are burned quarterly, thereby stimulating the demand for the exchange's asset.

Token holders also get exclusive access to trading after listing and IEO of cryptocurrencies, which in the first days are traded on the exchange only in pair with EXM. Owning EXMO Coin also gives you the opportunity to receive increased referral payments, copytrading services to cloud mining.


Staking of cryptocurrencies working on Proof-of-Stake (Pos) algorithm will be available on EXMO in the near future, and here you can get additional income with EXMO Coin as well. For token holders, there are three packages of increasing charges for staking coins depending on the amount of EXM on the balance.

EXMO Coin will also be available for staking with a rate of up to 15% per annum.

Referral program

EXMO users who attract new participants to the exchange can earn up to 25% of comission from each transaction of their referrals, and for trades of referred users in pairs with EXMO, the exchange gives 40%. According to the terms of the program, there are no restrictions on the number of referrals, as well as on the amount of accruals.

For large partners, EXMO offers a separate affiliate program on individual terms.

Development and plans

EXMO plans to expand its service range beyond the usual services of cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. The company already provides infrastructure to expand the business of crypto projects. In partnership with the exchange, you can integrate cryptocurrency payment acceptance into your services or create your own trading platform.

One of the most expected innovations from EXMO will be a cryptocurrency card, which can be used to pay the same way as any bank card. The launch of the product is planned for this year.

During its history, EXMO has established itself as a reliable exchange and one of the most accessible services for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies. As of 2022, EXMO is ranked among the top 20 reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, according to Cryptocompare service. The main goal of EXMO platform is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

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