The theft and laundering of cryptocurrencies carry a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison

A couple was arrested who stole bitcoins from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016

09.02.2022 - 07:15


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What’s new? The US law enforcement authorities have arrested a married couple linked to the theft of bitcoins from the Bitfenix exchange in 2016. New York residents Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan allegedly conspired to defraud and launder 119 754 bitcoins. So far, the law enforcement officials have seized more than $3,6 billion in cryptocurrency, the Department of Justice reported.

Information on the Department of Justice website

What do the accused face? The couple has been arrested for stealing and laundering cryptocurrencies withdrawn during an exchange hack. If convicted, both offenses carry a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

What does the DOJ representative say? Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco stated that this case is the largest financial seizure in the department’s entire history.

“[Today’s arrests] show that cryptocurrency is not a safe haven for criminals. In a futile effort to maintain digital anonymity, the defendants laundered stolen funds through a labyrinth of cryptocurrency transactions. Thanks to the meticulous work of law enforcement, the department once again showed how it can and will follow the money, no matter what form it takes.”


Tatiana Darda Tatiana Darda

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