This offer became the most popular in the survey of the platform’s users

​Airbnb may launch cryptocurrency housing payment option

06.01.2022 - 09:00


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What’s new? The head of the Airbnb rental service surveyed followers on Twitter. Brian Chesky asked his audience what service they would like to implement at Airbnb in 2022. The most popular suggestion was adding the ability to pay with cryptocurrency.

What other ideas were voiced? According to Chesky, he received around 4000 suggestions. As well as paying in cryptocurrency, the top ideas are ones such as clear pricing displays, a new loyalty program, a review of house cleaning prices, and improvements to the long-term rental terms.

Brian Chesky also said that the company is already working on implementing most of the proposed ideas. This gives the community a reason to hope for the soon introduction of cryptocurrencies as a way to pay for the rental housing on the service. Airbnb’s representatives have not yet given the exact dates.


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