Changpeng Zhao believes that India will play an important role in the development of cryptocurrencies

​Binance founder announced the possible leadership of India in Web 3.0

12.04.2022 - 11:25


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What’s new? Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, highlighted India’s role in the development of Web 3.0 and metaverses, calling the country a leader in technology. He added that India will play an important role in the development of cryptocurrencies. In an interview with Inc42, Zhao stated that Binance looks forward to collaborating with prominent Indian startups. Web 3.0 and metaverses will provide greater financial freedom, transparency, secure information delivery, and other unique opportunities, Zhao said.

Inc42’s material

What else did Changpeng Zhao say? The CEO of Binance also commented on the exchange’s compliance problems. Zhao said that the licenses to operate in Dubai and Bahrain demonstrate the crypto exchange’s commitment to regulatory compliance. He also added that Binance increased its international compliance team and advisory board by 500% last year.

Changpeng Zhao previously became the richest person in the crypto industry according to Forbes magazine. His fortune was estimated at $65 billion.

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