Users will be able to select tokens from a special pool of potential listing candidates and receive vouchers if their predictions come true

Binance Futures has launched a listing prediction marketplace

07.03.2024 - 13:01


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What’s new? The futures platform of the Binance crypto exchange has launched Futures NEXT, a product that can be used to predict upcoming listings on Binance Futures and earn rewards. Users can make a prediction by selecting tokens from a special list of potential listing candidates and receive vouchers for futures trading or a discount on trading fees if it comes true.

The exchange’s announcement

What else is known? Tokens for the prediction can be selected from a special NEXT Pool compiled by users. According to Binance representatives, this approach ensures that the pool accurately reflects the community’s point of view and understanding of promising tokens for the futures market. At the same time, they emphasized that Futures NEXT is designed for predictions, not voting, and the popularity of a particular token on this platform does not guarantee its listing.

Thus, nominating a token as a potential candidate for listing in the NEXT Pool can be done with an initial contribution of 2000 USDT stablecoins. One user can nominate up to three tokens. Making a prediction by selecting one token from this pool can be done for 1 USDT. One token can be “picked” a maximum of 100 times, and such “picks” can be made on a maximum of three different tokens.

In case of a successful prediction, a special multiplier is applied to the picks, which are converted into vouchers. For example, if a user bets 100 USDT on a token with a multiplier of 1,2, after its listing he receives a voucher for $120. Vouchers are distributed within 10 days of listing and must be redeemed within 7 days of distribution.

Users will also be able to withdraw their bids and nominations after the lock-in period and convert them back to USDT.

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At the time of writing the news, the most popular tokens in the NEXT Pool were Bittensor (TAO), Pandora (PANDORA), and Delysium (AGI), with users “betting” on them the most times.

Last November, Binance launched a non-custodial Web 3.0 wallet for DeFi with support for 30+ blockchains. In early January, Binance launched a marketplace for Inscriptions on the Bitcoin network and EVM-enabled blockchains.

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