Over the next two years, the data center operator intends to increase its capacity to 2 GW

BitRiver to start using Gazprom Neft’s associated gas for mining

17.06.2022 - 10:20


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What’s new? BitRiver, the largest CIS data center operator for mining, has entered into a partnership with Gazprom Neft to mine cryptocurrencies using associated petroleum gas (APG). According to a press release, Gazprom Neft will provide power to the data centers, which BitRiver will deploy. Gazprom Neft’s goal is not to work with digital currencies, the company intends to develop new ways to make useful use of APG. The deal was concluded during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Gazprom Neft’s press release

What else is known about the partnership? The document states that Gazprom Neft already has the infrastructure for energy-intensive computing, powered by APG.

BitRiver founder Igor Runets said that over the next two years, the company intends to implement projects to create its own data centers for energy-intensive computing with a capacity build-up to 2 GW, including using APG, which will additionally ensure high and stable power consumption.

BitRiver came under US sanctions in April, resulting in its operations and assets, including its 10 subsidiaries, being completely blocked in the States. The country’s residents were also banned from working with BitRiver. Later, the company reported its intention to sue the US Treasury Department.

In October 2021, Russian Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Vasiliy Shpak suggested using the country’s oilfield equipment for cryptocurrency mining.

On June 1, it became known that generators and equipment for bitcoin mining would be deployed in the Omani capital. The new farm would use APG as a resource in order to reduce its emissions.

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