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​BlockWRK chooses Visa to launch the first cryptocurrency card

14.10.2021 - 13:10


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What's new? BlockWRK has announced in a press release the launching of its blockchain-based application and Visa card. The application rewards employees with a WRK token for completing daily tasks related to health, safety and work efficiency.

Blackwork Press Release

What are the advantages of cooperation? BlockWRK users will be able to exchange WRK tokens for US dollars using a Visa debit card in real time or save tokens in their savings account. The application provides employees with financial security through payday advances with a 0% annual interest rate. Users can access $200 from their next paycheck for a flat fee of $5.

What does the CEO say? George Mylonakis, CEO and Founder of BlockWRK said:

“People are the most valuable asset for any company that knows what it’s doing. Our app allows businesses to show workers their appreciation in a fair, honest, and transparent way, with smart contracts issuing instant rewards for meeting clear-cut targets. With this unique Visa card, claiming these rewards is easy and seamless. In future updates, we will expand its core functionality to turn BlockWRK into an innovative all-around HR-management tool.”

What is the application for? BlockWRK has integrated smart contract technology to offer businesses the best solution to reward and motivate employees. The application has a telemedicine function and a free 24-hour mental health support line. The program rewards employees when they perform daily safety checks to minimize workplace injuries.

BlockWRK’s WRK token powers the application’s economy. It is already registered and available for trading on BitMart. Companies interested in joining the ecosystem must add $10 WRK to their monthly balance for each employee and can purchase additional tokens to expand the reward program.


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