In this, retail investors are less active in the current market

Bloomberg reports on the increased interest of institutions in cryptocurrencies

15.08.2022 - 06:45


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What’s new? Institutional investors have started to show increased interest in cryptocurrencies, while retail investors are not as active in the digital asset market. Bloomberg journalists write about this, citing recent events in the industry. The outlet noted the recent partnership between BlackRock and Coinbase, which is designed to make it easier for institutional investors to enter the crypto market, and the news that the hedge fund Brevan Howard raised $1 billion for its crypto fund. These events are taking place against the backdrop of the crypto market’s recovery. Thus, over the last month, bitcoin rose by 20% and Ethereum rose by 60%.

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What else does Bloomberg report about? In contrast, retail investors have been slow to return to the market amid growing interest from major players. According to Coin Metrics, the volume of transactions worth less than $1000 is at their annual average. Meanwhile, the number of BTC in small addresses holding less than 1 bitcoin is growing rapidly, according to Glassnode. This suggests that retail investors are getting involved in transactions, but not yet on a scale to give the market momentum, according to Noelle Acheson, head of market insights at Genesis.

David Kroger, digital data scientist at Cowen Digital, believes that retail investors will be a “fundamental” part of the success of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption, while institutions will be the next stage of growth.

Earlier, investment firm BlackRock, which has $10 trillion in assets under management, launched a private spot bitcoin trust for US institutional investors. The company noted significant customer interest in using investment products based on the first cryptocurrency, despite the sharp downturn in the digital asset market.

To find out what awaits the market after the launch of BlackRock’s bitcoin trust, see GetBlock Magazine’s exclusive piece.


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