Curtis Warren will also have his access to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger restricted

British drug baron to be banned from owning cryptocurrencies after his release from prison

18.10.2022 - 12:30


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What’s new? The UK authorities will ban drug baron Curtis Warren from storing and using cryptocurrencies after his release from prison. The 59-year-old man is due to be released in November after serving 13 years on charges of smuggling illegal substances. According to The Sunday Times, Warren will only be able to have up to 1000 British pounds sterling in cash, one phone, and a SIM card, data on which must be given to law enforcement upon request. He will also be banned from using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Material by The Sunday Times

What happened before? In March, Massachusetts law enforcement officers seized 59 BTC worth $2,3 million from a drug dealer. The criminal was sentenced to eight years in prison and will be placed under supervision for three years after his release.

In July, the Finnish authorities sold 1889,1 bitcoins worth $47,5 million confiscated in arrests of drug dealers and other criminals.

In April, the founder of the Silk Road darknet marketplace, Ross Ulbricht, gave up his rights to 69 370 BTC in favor of the state. Under the deal with US authorities, the assets will be sold at auction. Part of the proceeds will go to pay the fine.


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