A realtor claims that such deals will become common practice in the future

Chile conducted first real estate purchase for bitcoin

26.02.2022 - 07:00


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What’s new? Chile has seen its first real estate purchase transaction for bitcoins. Ben Haym, regional manager of the real estate firm Remax, has taken a positive view of the trend. He thinks that such deals will become common practice in the near future, Meganoticias reports.

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What similar deals have been done before? Chile is not the first country in Latin America to buy real estate for bitcoin. The first purchase was made in Venezuela in August 2021, when an apartment was bought for $12 000 in the form of BTC.

It was also reported that the Colombian real estate company La Haus closed the sale of the apartment at the end of February, they received 2,45 BTC (about $98 000) from the buyer. A similar deal also took place in the USA, the state of Florida, only this time the house was auctioned off as an NFT, bidding started at $650 000. The token contained documents proving ownership of the real estate.


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