New York City mayor-elect Eric Adams is going to develop the CityCoins project in the city

​CityCoins project will appear in New York City

10.11.2021 - 12:15


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What’s new? The future mayor of New York City has announced that he plans to introduce a new program in the city, CityCoins. It is a project that allows residents to invest in the city itself by buying tokens. In addition, the project allows earning income in bitcoins.

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How will events develop? The CityCoins project website states the following:

“Community activation of mining for NYCCoin will begin on Wednesday, November 10th at approximately 3pm ET. NYCCoin gives residents and supporters the opportunity to promote, improve and program the city that never sleeps.”

Information on the CityCoins website

The mining process will begin as soon as 20 independent wallets indicate that they are activated after the contract is rolled out. NYCCoin will create a new civic participation mechanism, allowing anyone to participate in the growth of the city's cryptocurrency treasury and creating a new technological ecosystem for development while earning STX and BTC rewards.

What does the CityCoins CEO say? The head of the CityCoins community, Patrick Stanley, was excited and delighted with the progressive step taken by the future mayor of New York City.

“We are thrilled to see New York City elect a pro-Bitcoin candidate as its next mayor. And we hope that with the launch of NYCCoin, New York can follow in the footsteps of Miami and recognize the incredible opportunity that CityCoins presents the local government and community.”

NYCCoin will become the second city token after the launching of MiamiCoin in August. The token has already brought Miami more than $21 million.


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