Mining facilities will be launched in the province of Ontario, Canada

​Compass company will build a new center for cryptocurrency mining

03.11.2021 - 07:20


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What's new? Compass, the mining equipment manufacturer, has published a press release with details of the launching of a new data center. The mining park will be built in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Compass Press Release

What is known about the new project? The construction and management will be implemented by two companies namely Compass and Red Jar Digital Infrastructure. The mining capacity of the new data center will be about 140 MW, 100 of which will be provided to the miners, and 40 will be reserved for the needs of their own equipment. At the same time, up to 95% of all energy is planned to be extracted from renewable sources.

“More than doubling our current capacity with this new deal is a big step forward to provide retail bitcoin miners with the ability to compete at an institutional level.” Whit Gibbs, Compass CEO, said.

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