In his view, the authorities should not interfere with users’ operations

Congressman Warren Davidson introduced digital asset custody bill

16.02.2022 - 09:55


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What’s new? According to the Bitcoin Magazine portal, the US Congress will debate a new bill on cryptocurrency storage introduced by Warren Davidson. The main purpose of the new draft is to ensure that crypto investors are protected from the current restrictions on working with digital assets.

News source on the Bitcoin Magazine website

What else is known about Davidson’s proposal? According to the Congressman, the situation in neighboring Canada, where the authorities have imposed a ban on cryptocurrency donations for protesters, is worrying. The US residents remain vulnerable to similar threats and need to be protected.

The bill on the storage of coins entitled the “Keep Your Coins Act” is designed to prevent the government from controlling users’ assets. Specifically, Davidson proposes to prohibit the state from influencing the purchase and trading of cryptocurrencies by ordinary US citizens.


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