Following the exploit, the platform was put into maintenance mode

Crypto exchange FixedFloat has lost $26 million in BTC and ETH in a hack

19.02.2024 - 11:05


2 min

What’s new? Decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) FixedFloat was hacked and lost $26 million. 1700 ETH ($4,85 million at the time of writing) was withdrawn from the platform’s wallets. In addition, Cyvers experts specified that the attackers also withdrew 409 BTC (about $21,17 million).


What else is known? After the funds were moved, FixedFloat was put into maintenance mode and is still down. The exchange’s team confirmed the hack but declined to provide details. Representatives noted that they are working to fix the vulnerabilities.


FixedFloat provides an automated way to exchange cryptocurrencies. In addition, the exchange supports the Lightning Network bitcoin payment protocol. FixedFloat does not require users to register and go through a verification (KYC) process.

White hat hackers have created an NPO to fight crypto crime

White hat hackers have created an NPO to fight crypto crime

The organization is headed by a Paradigm researcher under the nickname samczsun

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Earlier this month, gaming blockchain platform PlayDapp suffered a hack that resulted in the loss of $290 million worth of PLA tokens. According to Elliptic experts, the exploit was the result of a compromised private key.

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