The deal was made on June 22, the companies did not disclose any details

eBay bought NFT marketplace KnownOrigin

22.06.2022 - 16:25


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What’s new? US company eBay Inc. has bought NFT-marketplace KnownOrigin. The companies closed a deal on June 22, details of which were not disclosed. The eBay e-commerce platform began providing users with the ability to buy and sell NFTs in May 2021.

The eBay press release

What is known about eBay? It is one of the largest online commerce platforms, founded in 1995 in San Jose, California. eBay provides online shopping and online auction services. In 2021, the company's total sales exceeded $87 billion.

What is known about KnownOrigin? The platform, founded in 2018 in Manchester, allows artists and collectors to create, buy and resell NFTs through blockchain-enabled transactions.

In late May, it was announced that eBay would release an NFT collection as part of a partnership with OneOf, an eco-friendly, non-fungible token platform. eBay's first-ever Genesis NFT collection will include animated and 3D interpretations of Sports Illustrated covers with photos of famous athletes.


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