Filecoin Web Services provides resources that can be used by developers to create DApps

​Filecoin announces the launch of a cloud computing platform

27.04.2023 - 15:30


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What’s new? On April 24, the developers of Filecoin, the decentralized file storage system, launched an alternative to Amazon Web Services and Azure, the open-source Filecoin Web Services (FWS) cloud computing platform. FWS is a set of computing and storage technologies based on the Filecoin network that can be used by developers to create decentralized applications (DApps).

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What else does the blog say? It is expected that the launch of FWS will attract a new generation of users of decentralized file storage and will contribute to the institutional implementation of the technology.

In addition, the main goal of FWS is to help Filecoin scale seamlessly into a flexible but secure network. The platform was developed using several components, including Estuary, the Delta Technology Stack, Delta Dataset Manager (Delta DM), Edge-UR, and Ptolemy.

IOST announces the creation of blockchain platform jointly with Amazon

IOST announces the creation of blockchain platform jointly with Amazon

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In order to host data in Filecoin, users need to use specific tools and applications to ensure a seamless interaction with the network. To that end, the project partners with several data management projects, including Radiant Earth, SUCHO, and Encloud.

What is known about Filecoin? The platform was launched in 2017, raising $257 million in the initial coin offering (ICO). As of April 27, 15:30 UTC, the native token FIL is trading at $5,34, having lost 2,5% in 24 hours (CoinGecko data).

In April, Filecoin developers launched a virtual machine (FVM) on the mainnet, making the blockchain platform compatible with Ethereum-based applications. The FVM will allow the platform to support smart contract technology and run NFT-based products, liquid staking, and DApps.

On October 31, 2022, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange began publishing daily price indices for FIL. According to TokenUnlocks, FIL tokens worth $4,9 billion will be unblocked in 2023.

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