The developers said that the upgrade will strengthen the security of tokens connected to the sidechain and protect applications on the Gnosis network

​Gnosis Chain completed hard fork to prevent repeated attacks

21.04.2022 - 11:50


1 min

What’s new? Gnosis Chain, an Ethereum sidechain, has conducted a hard fork to upgrade a smart contract vulnerable to re-attack. The upgrade ended on April 20 at block number 21 735 000. The hard fork activated a GIP-31 proposal from the GnosisDAO sidechain ecosystem governance community. . This is reported on the website.

Information on the Gnosis Chain website

What preceded it? The proposal to upgrade GIP-31 came after two DeFi protocols, Hundred Finance and Agave, were subjected to hacker attacks. In total, the attackers managed to withdraw about $11 million in cryptocurrencies. These hacks occurred because of a vulnerability in the Gnosis network’s smart contract.

What had happened before? On March 15, Deus Finance DAO, a decentralized protocol, was hacked similarly. The attacker withdrew about $3 million from the protocol. The stolen funds were transferred to Ethereum and sent to the Tornado Cash transaction mixer.

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