The search engine relies on data from the Etherscan blockchain explorer

Google has allowed ENS-enabled Ethereum wallet balances to be displayed in search results

22.03.2024 - 15:40


1 min

What’s new? Google has started showing wallet balances linked to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) in search results. ENS allows you to create a readable domain with a nickname or company name that can be linked to a wallet and used as credentials to send funds.

What else is known? In May 2023, Google introduced built-in support for Ethereum wallet balances. Initially, users could search for a specific public address and view the wallet balance directly in the search results. This functionality has now been extended to ENS domains.

This means that anyone can search for an ENS domain and Google will provide the wallet balance of the blockchain address associated with the domain, as well as the address itself. Google retrieves the blockchain explorer data from Etherscan, reflecting the balance as of the last external transaction.

The search result looks like this, for the example used is the address vitalik.eth, which belongs to Ethereum blockchain co-founder Vitalik Buterin:

Last May, the PancakeSwap exchange added support for ENS. By the end of September 2022, the number of registrations in ENS exceeded 2,5 million.

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