Hayden Adams restored the account nine hours later

​Hackers hack the Twitter account of the Uniswap exchange’s CEO

21.07.2023 - 10:30


3 min

What’s new? On July 20, the Twitter account of the CEO of the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, Hayden Adams, was hacked. Several tweets sent from the account contained links to fraudulent websites. The Uniswap team warned users about the incident, urging them not to click on the links in question. Nine hours after the hack, Adams restored access to the account.

More details about the incident. A tweet sent from Adams’ account urged Uniswap users to check if they were eligible to receive free native tokens UNI. This required them to enter details on a fake website. One such resource was registered with a Russian domain registrar on the day of the hack, Twitter users noted.

In March, hackers hacked the Twitter account of Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire to promote a fake airdrop of USDC stablecoins issued by the company. To do so, they also asked for details on a phishing site. In April, the Twitter account of the KuCoin exchange was also hacked, and users who clicked on the links lost $22 000.

What is known about Uniswap? It is a decentralized protocol for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, created based on Ethereum in 2018. The platform uses the native token UNI to provide liquidity. As of July 21, 09:40 UTC, the asset ranks 18th in the ranking of cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of $4,65 billion and is trading on Binance at $6,16, having added 1,79% per day.

In February and March, Uniswap surpassed centralized crypto exchange Coinbase in spot trading volume. In February, Uniswap added the ability to purchase NFTs for any ERC-20 standard assets.

In March, German authorities launched an investigation into Uniswap’s activities due to the exchange’s crypto wallet advertisement, which was not approved by the local regulator.

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