Coinformant has ranked the states with the greatest interest in digital assets

​Indonesia, Chile, and Argentina have become world leaders in the popularization of cryptocurrency

19.10.2021 - 13:45


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What's new? Coinformant blockchain education startup has compiled a rating of countries whose residents show the greatest interest in cryptocurrencies. The first places in the list were taken by the citizens of Indonesia, Chile and Argentina.

Material on the Coinformant website

How did the company make the rating? Coinformant analysts were guided by four factors while making the list. These include the number of Google searches, the number of virtual asset publications, the share of cryptocurrency owners from the general population and the number of clicks on specialized materials.

Each State was given a normalized point of up to 10 for one of four factors. After that, the experts calculated the average value. The highest total index was shown by Indonesia (5,73), Chile (5,26) and Argentina (4,79).


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