The price of forged documents on the Dark Web averages $300

​Kaspersky Lab has reported sites selling COVID certificates for cryptocurrency

02.11.2021 - 09:50


1 min

What's new? According to the Kaspersky Lab’s press release, on the network there are a number of Dark Web sites where scammers sell COVID certificates of the European sample for cryptocurrency.

Full press release

What vaccines are available? Scammers offer certificates from manufacturers such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson and Moderna. At the same time, the certificates themselves are allegedly issued in one of the countries of Eastern Europe and have a QR code for authentication. The average cost of one document is $300.

The Kaspersky Lab experts warn users about the illegality of buying such certificates. In addition, on shady sites, ads for the sale of such documents are usually used to lure money.

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