Market leaders for the week. Top altcoins that have risen in price

27.05.2022 - 16:05


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Although the cryptocurrency market’s total capitalization fell from $1,29 trillion to $1,19 trillion over the week, some altcoins gained significantly. Anchor Protocol (ANC), TopChain (TOPC), Mars Protocol (MARS), TOKYO (TOKC), and TiFi Token (TIFI) showed active growth.

Anchor Protocol (ANC)

The cryptocurrency rose in price by 128% in 7 days. As of May 27, the altcoin is trading at $0,23, according to CoinGecko. In March its value was at $5,89, but since then the token has fallen in price by 96%.

Anchor Protocol is a lending and borrowing protocol based on the Terra blockchain that offers returns of up to 19,5% on stablecoin deposits. ANC is the project’s governance token used to reward participants.

TopChain (TOPC)

During the week, the altcoin’s price rose by 164%. As of May 27, the token is trading at $0,001, according to CoinGecko. In January 2021, the asset was priced at $0,003. Since then, it has fallen in price by 66%.

Topchain is a project to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem with the aim of changing the gaming industry. TOPC is the project’s internal token.

Mars Protocol (MARS)

The MARS token increased in price by 313% in 7 days. As of May 27, the altcoin is trading at $0,09. It was trading at $1,4 in April but has fallen by 93% in a month.

Mars Protocol is a fully automated lending platform on the Terra blockchain, run by a decentralized community. All decisions are made by community members using the internal MARS token.


TOKC has seen strong growth over the past week, increasing in price by 714%. As of May 27, the altcoin is trading at $0,00009. In November 2021, the token’s price was $0,0005, down 82% since then.

TokyoCoin is a high staking reward cryptocurrency.

TiFi Token (TIFI)

The leader in terms of weekly growth was the TIFI token, having risen in price by 963%. As of May 27, the altcoin is trading at $0,0000003. TiFi Token is a cryptocurrency with a decentralized smart contract that automatically burns a portion of the tokens during transactions, which helps combat asset inflation.


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