The new features will enable the creation, display, and sale of tokens on the company’s social media networks

​Meta will create its own NFT marketplace

21.01.2022 - 09:15


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What’s new? The Financial Times reports that Meta is developing plans to incorporate NFT features into its social networks. According to the company, the new features will allow users to mint, display, and sell non-fungible tokens on Facebook and Instagram.

The Financial Times’s material

How will Meta develop in the field of NFT? Back in December, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that the company is exploring the possibility of non-fungible tokens. According to the FT’s materials, the Meta team is currently discussing the possible launch of an NFT trading platform.

The Meta Novi digital currency wallet will be a key component in these plans. It is also reported that Meta will be developing its metaverse. However, all projects are at an early stage of development right now.


Vasiliy Smirnov Vasiliy Smirnov

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