In the entrepreneur’s opinion, the upcoming crash will surpass the crisis of 2008

Robert Kiyosaki urges to buy assets amid the upcoming market crash

29.08.2022 - 09:00


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The material is not an investment recommendation and is published for information purposes only.

What’s new? Robert Kiyosaki, an American entrepreneur and author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” stated that the big crisis has already hit and now is the time to get rich by buying assets at reduced prices. Kiyosaki posted a message with the appeal on his Twitter account.

What other statements have been made? The entrepreneur mentioned the 2008 crisis when he borrowed millions of dollars to buy real estate bargains. In 2013, Kiyosaki published “Rich Dads Prophecy,” where he predicted an even bigger crash, which he said was already coming. The author added that “millions will be wiped out” and urged “not be one of them.”

In June, Kiyosaki warned of a possible sale of bitcoin and real estate. He noted that he was preparing to profit on the bubble he predicted and urged investors to prepare for what he called “the greatest sale on Earth.”

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